Love In The Time of Corona

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the hearts of humankind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has elicited a reaction from every human being on the planet. Some are afraid for their comfort and lives, so they panic-buy supplies and hoard them for themselves.

Others use their resources–time, energy, and money–helping alleviate the discomforts and lives of others.

Here, we see the difference between those who embrace and practice God’s methods of selfless giving (love), and those who are still infected with the fear and selfishness of the Enemy’s methods.

God calls us to always practice love in every circumstance. How have you behaved during this pandemic?

Love Reasons Before Acting

Certainly, we need to make sure we are capable of handling ourselves during a crisis. For example, parents need to manage their own self-care so that they are in a position and of a state that best ensures their ability to help their children. It is not prudent to give away all your money and food and not leave any for your family.

This is an important time when having a connection with God is paramount. God is in the best position to can guide and direct us during these times. We should all be walking with God in love for others, and sometimes, when we pray for our friends, family, neighbors, and enemies, God will give us wiser direction.

Otherwise, we just keep walking with Him, practicing love.

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