A lot has been said about the God of the Bible.

A lot of it is not true.

His enemies want you to believe He is a cruel tyrant.

It is time you heard the truth.

It’s a matter of life and death.

First Steps

The evidence is indisputable. Science reveals the truth!

Is the Bible a reliable source of truth?

Does your life have meaning or purpose?

why is there evil?

If God is good, why is there so much suffering and death?

what is faith?

Faith is not “believing without evidence.”

Faith is “trusting because of the evidence.”


Behind The Scenes of the Flood

Why God Had To Save Noah The flood was not a punishment. It was not a warning against disobedience. Hear me out. Manifestations of power do not convert human hearts. Everyone who died in the flood died the “first death,” what the Bible refers to as “sleep.” Each one of them will awaken in one of two resurrections: the resurrection of the righteous when Jesus returns to planet earth, or the resurrection of the wicked, which happens at the end of the millennium when all the righteous have returned to earth with God in the New Jerusalem. The flood

Answering Criticisms of Christianity

Non-Christians (particularly atheists) have valid criticisms of the Christianity practiced by Catholics and Protestants today. Let us take a look at some of them and try to find the truth. Criticism: Christians cause division. It is true. There are over 40,000 Christian denominations in the world as of 2020. Catholics and Protestants buried separately The 30 Years War The Inquisition In reality, humans of all stripes cause division. This is not something exclusive to those who embrace the Bible or Christian religion, regardless of denomination. However, this is no excuse. Christians should operate under a higher standard. Answer: The

Knowledge Increases

Scientists like to say that they are always learning and refining their theories as new data arrives. This, they explain, is why the theory of evolution has changed so drastically since Darwin’s original theory. The same is true of any domain of knowledge: as more data is received, our understanding is more precise, and we can refine our perceptions of the truth. Any domain will stagnate if the search for knowledge stops. This even works for religion. At the very start of the Christian church, it had the pure truth delivered from the sole Source of all truth, Jesus.

Peace vs Fear

There are two worldviews competing for your allegiance. Which should you choose?

Science & Intuition

The true scientific study of nature leads to one conclusion: a supernatural designer is responsible for all of it.

What We Know Now

Knowledge increases as time moves forward. We investigate claims and evidence and draw reasonable conclusions that harmonize with science and nature and our own experiences. Combine this with the Bible, and we come to some amazing conclusions! An outline of our current understanding: Science confirms there is a supernatural creator. The supernatural creator is the God of the Bible. Why did God create human beings? Knowledge about God is increasing. See here. Here. And here. God loves you with unconditional love. Understanding God’s law You didn’t choose to be born, but you can choose to live. If you have

god in detail

god is incomprehensible to a finite, mortal brain, so can we ever really know him?


who and what is god?

If God is one, why is there a "trinity?"


god for kids

Who is God for children?



The Bible says Jesus is God fully revealed. If we want to know God, we need to get to know Jesus.