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"...knowledge shall increase." Daniel 12:4

Behind The Scenes of the Flood

Why God Had To Save Noah The flood was not a punishment. It was not a warning against disobedience. Hear me out. Manifestations of power

Answering Criticisms of Christianity

Non-Christians (particularly atheists) have valid criticisms of the Christianity practiced by Catholics and Protestants today. Let us take a look at some of them and

Knowledge Increases

Scientists like to say that they are always learning and refining their theories as new data arrives. This, they explain, is why the theory of

Peace vs Fear

There are two worldviews competing for your allegiance. Which should you choose?

The Love Plan

What is the best way to run a society of free will beings?

Science & Intuition

The true scientific study of nature leads to one conclusion: a supernatural designer is responsible for all of it.

What We Know Now

Knowledge increases as time moves forward. We investigate claims and evidence and draw reasonable conclusions that harmonize with science and nature and our own experiences.

Jesus And His Mom

A wonderful story about a heavenly Son’s love for His earthly mother.

God’s Wrath

Does a God of love use threats of violence to secure love from others?