Scientists like to say that they are always learning and refining their theories as new data arrives. This, they explain, is why the theory of evolution has changed so drastically since Darwin’s original theory.

The same is true of any domain of knowledge: as more data is received, our understanding is more precise, and we can refine our perceptions of the truth.

Any domain will stagnate if the search for knowledge stops.

This even works for religion.

At the very start of the Christian church, it had the pure truth delivered from the sole Source of all truth, Jesus.

This new group of believers began spreading their good news across the world, and it spread like wildfire. The Enemy, seeing this great success, attempted at first to stop it through violence. When that failed, he resorted to his old, tried-and-true method: deception.

The Enemy enticed human agents to infiltrate and corrupt the church. Those who are selfish will always give in to promises of more wealth or power or both. They will do anything to secure their own, peace and joy, even if it is only temporary, by sacrificing the peace, joy, and even the life of another.

So, they infiltrated the church and began spreading lies about God and His law and His methods. And, again, just as Israel of old, the pure church of the people of God was infected with fear and selfishness.

Over time, lies became truth in Christianity. Some of the lies include the following:

The immortality of the soul. Only God is immortal (1 Timothy 6:16).

Indulgences and purgatory. There is no such thing as purgatory, and no need for indulgences.

The fate of the wicked. An eternal hell is the most corrupt and damaging attack on God’s character. It has turned more people away from God than any other lie.

God is harsh, arbitrary, and exacting. If you watch Jesus, you discover this is a lie.

Prior to all these lies, there was an initial lie that laid the foundation for all other lies: God’s law functions like an imperial law, to be imposed by a governing authority. God exercises judicial authority to keep His kingdom subjects in line.

This lie about God’s law broke through the strong fortress that stood firm around God’s people, and it allowed the Enemy to do an insidious work from within. He convinced many people that God was a harsh, punishing, arbitrary dictator who uses threats to secure love; but it is impossible to get love with threats and violence.

Love only grows in response to love.

The Protestant Reformation exposed the lies of the apostate church. That original, Apostolic church has slowly been cleansed over the centuries. Finally, that last, original lie is being exposed as well.

The church still teaches that God’s law functions like human laws, that God is an imperial dictator who resorts to threats of violence to secure allegiance and love. The final reform is taking hold, however. The truth about the character of God is shining forth in the darkness.

This is the final reform, fixing the lie that God is against us.

God is for us.

God is love.

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