Are You A Rebel Or A Victim?

Did you choose to be a sinner?

Jesus never called anyone or perceived anyone as a rebel. He referred to sinners as sick, all of whom are in need of healing. In that case, we need a doctor, not a lawyer. We need healing from our disease, not a judicial pardon.

Rebellion Is A Choice

Which of us ever made the choice to rebel against God? We did not ask to be born. We did not choose to be a sinner.

We were born that way.

Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me (Psalm 51:5).

Some versions render this verse to say, “I was born guilty.” That is a terrible translation. Nobody is born guilty of anything. Even our human courts would not condemn a baby for its behavior, for it does not know any better. It would be unreasonable and unjust to declare a baby guilty of anything!

Babies are not rebels. They are victims. The are born sick. The law of love says to treat the one born sick as a patient, not a rebel.

Love acts to heal and restore.

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34).

Do rebels know what they are doing? Yes.

Do the delirious know what they are doing? No.

Jesus was not praying about rebels, but about victims of a disease that causes them to act without understanding.

Restoration Is A Choice

If every human being understood the nature of God, of love, and their own condition, they would choose to be healed rather than persist in their vile condition.

God does not condemn us for being sick, but that does not mean there are no consequences if we refuse to be healed once we are able to choose!

Think of a baby born infected with HIV. The baby is not at fault! The baby is not a rebel against the laws of health. In fact, the baby had no choice! The baby is a victim of a disease transmitted to him by someone else.

However, once this baby matures into an adult and learns the truth of the diagnosis, the adult now has a choice: reject the healing treatment, or choose to follow the prognosis, be healed, and live.

You are a victim of the poisonous lies of the devil. God does not condemn you for this condition. Instead, He lovingly reveals Himself, asks you to trust Him, then offers to apply the healing Remedy for your condition.

Time To Choose

We are not rebels until we choose to be.

We are victims until we choose not to be.

We can only make our choice when we have all the facts.

Jesus did not die to provide a pardon for rebels but to provide a remedy for the sick.

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